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Exchange the sunshine for brown eyes

and dark skies

Get the fuck out of my house
20 September
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well i saw you with your hands above your head
spinning around. trying hard not to look down.
but you did. and you fell. hard on the ground.
and i'd told you i've never seen anyone look so
dumb before and you said "i still know how to
turn you on though."

and i probably forgot to tell you this.
like the time i forgot to tell you about
that scar. remember how uncomfortable
that made you feel? see, you're not what
i expected. but you're the only one who
knows how to handle me. and you're such
a great kisser, and i know that you agree.

i hope you can forgive me for that time
when i put my hand between your legs and
said it was small. because its not. at all.
i guess there's just a part of me that likes
to bring you down just to keep you around.
because once you realize how amazing you are,
you're gunna leave me.